Saturday, 30 March 2013

Different Genres Of Games

If talking about the game, pasting a lot of you guys who love to play games isn't it? Games can now be played by multiple players at the same time though a very far distance apart, it is no longer a conventional video game arcade machines, but with computers or consoles such as Wii, PS, Xbox connected with internet online gaming term.

Well what kind of games you play or you guys like it? Or do not know what are the types of games? Well here I am going to share about the types of game genres. There are some of them:

1. FPS (First Person Shooter)
is the type of game shoot-shot with the look of the player is a character that is played. Usually a mission for a particular purpose. The characteristic of this game is to use long distance weapons.
Example: counter-strike, Call of Duty, Ghost Recon, Point Blank, Crossfire

2. the RTS (Real Time Strategy)
is a genre of game strategy, tactics, and logic. Usually a war that every players have an army or country. In RTS games can either be historical, fantasy, and science fiction.
Example: Age of Empires, Warcraft, Command & Concuer, Rise of Nations, Stronghold

3. RPG (Role Playing Game)
is the game that the players play the role of fantasy figures and collaborating to knit a story together. There is also another type of RPG games, such as:

LARP (Live Action Role Playing) is a RPG games where players can perform physical movement is a character. Usually players used the costume and use tools that correspond to the figures, the world and the stories that he play.
MMORPG (Massively Multi player Online role-playing Game) is a RPG games that involve thousands of players to play games together in a virtual world.

Example: Final Fantasy, Ragnarok, Avalon, RF, World of Warcraft, DotA, Perfect World

4. Construction and Management Simulation Games
the game is built and managed the project simulate. Is essentially economic and conceptual problems. This Game is rarely involve conflicts and exploration, and almost never includes physical challenges.
Example: Sim City, Roller Coster Tycoon, Caesar

5. Vehicle Simulation
These types of games simulate the operation of a vehicle, the vehicle may be aircraft, fighter aircraft, train, vehicle, or vehicle construction.
Example: Train Simulator, Truck Simulator, Flight Gear, Orbiter, Tram

6. Adventure Games
games that give priority to issues of exploration and puzzle solving. But sometimes include conceptual problems, and physical challenges but very rare.
Example: Indiana Jones, God of War, Tomb Raider, Assasins Creed

More exactly the kinds of games or puzzle games such as genre, sport, racing, etc. that cannot be described one by one.

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